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, they come from all across america, far from home now, 130,000 men and americans -- men and women serving in iraq. coming up, a look of the bravest. the soldiers will tell you their story in three minutes. one airline is in the middle of damage control. one man in the cockpit was told that he was too high a fly. trace: afghanistan has been getting most of america's attention lately as the president decides on sending reinforcements. there are still 130,000 american men and women serving in iraq. as of yesterday 4362 united states troops have been killed in operation iraqi freedom. 16,000 single mothers were serving in iraq and afghanistan at the end of 2006. the average age of u.s. troops in iraq is 26. accordingly that was also the average age for u.s. casualties. molly is live at a u.s. military base in eastern baghdad. >> i am not far from soder city, this is one of the few places you will still find american troops inside of the city after the 30th. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. >> today's mission for charlie company is providing protection for a c
desk. they cover america for fox news. if you pan over here, that is the foreign desk. they are covering the globe. and the media this is where all of the branded pictures come in to the fox news channel. you will see this new pictures in boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. in the top box, breaking today, there is a war within the white house about what to do on guantanamo bay. data from one of the president's key allies on closing gtmo, who goes on to say the president has screwed this up. in the mailbox, the president said he wanted health care reform by the end of the year. democrats said it could be done. now, the senate majority leader is pushing back the timeline, and now, there is new concern over the wide divide between the house and senate. in the bottom box, still more bodies being found inside that cleveland house of horrors. the total could now be 10 victims, and there is a gruesome find in a downstairs bucket. harris: a gop sweep and the two closely watched governor's races. in jersey and virginia, both solid blue states that voted for president ob
begins. that is what is behind the news. the national desk is covering america for us. that is the foreign desk covering the globe. the media desk is aware of the brand new pictures come in to fox news channel, a rerun the "live desk" you will always see those pictures in the boxes on the right hand side of the screen. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: developing right now, the hardest criminal case in u.s. history -- that is what some are saying about the new york trial of five terrorist suspects, and we will detail for you the added legal protection that these men will soon be entitled to. in the middle box, even the white house now acknowledges that $42,000 in stimulus money probably did not create 5000 new jobs, and it looks like the jobs saved or created by the stimulus may have been exaggerated by tens of thousands. in the bottom box, breaking today, yet another videotape involving acorn, the community group caught giving advice on how to rid of the government, how to set up a b
. that is the national desk, covering america for us. the foreign desk is covering the globe, and the media desk is where all of the brand new pictures come in to the fox news channel. here on the "live desk" you will see those brand new pictures in the boxes on the right hand side of the screen. we are continuing to get breaking news on this extraordinarily controversial decision to bring 9/11 terror suspects to new york city for trial. families of 9/11 victims are outraged, and now, legal experts are raising concerns about how much secret information the u.s. government will have to turn over to these suspects. in the middle box, it made the biggest counterterrorism seizure in u.s. history. $500 million in iranian assets. in minutes, we will show you how money raised by iran in this country is being used to kill u.s. troops abroad. in the bottom box developing this hour, more on the blockbuster new book by sarah palin. the book comes out on tuesday. her interview with oprah on monday. today, the panel has information on both and what it all means for sarah palin's political future. martha: but first to
have learned that the commander in charge of protecting america's skies is ordering a review aimed at figuring out whether the commitment and cost is not justified. steve is covering this lot for us at the pentagon. >> that is right. military officials are response before the defense of the north american homeland. they will conduct this review, and it will try to find out whether we still need the same level of fighter jet protection, fighter pilots standing by 24 hours a day waiting to counteract any possible terrorist attacks. the planes to use for these missions to respond to any possible activity are extremely costly to maintain and operate. you have not only the jet fighters but the refueling aircraft, the ground facilities, and the intensive training for these are the pilots. according to the congressional research service, the operation since just after 9/11 has cost taxpayers $28 billion. this new review will determine whether the threat has diminished, in part because of extra security measures that have been taken as america's airports and on board air lines including re
maintains several titles. phantom corps, americas hammer. yet, the one we are so proud of is the family first corps, as this will spawn some demonstrated focus and commitment to our families. that will continue. all of our gunshot victims remain in local hospitals. one in i see you, and 11 remained on the boards. all of them remained in stable conditions. behavioral health officials continue to assist us here at fort hood. since the incident, over 100 of them have augmented for a good staff, enhancing our capability to assist across the command -- over 100 of them have augmented fort hood staff. they are out there supporting us right now. collectively, they have been able to make nearly 3000 individual contacts so far. all of the would have received a critical incident stress debriefing. all president at the same -- all present at the scene are receiving the same debrief. our goal is to make sure all require or desire help get it. we are going against any premature determination that all is ok. all unit commanders and leaders are actively engaged in this process. this is not only a medi
, a former professor and lawyer, knows that while america wants to hear from him on this he has to be careful of what he says, because the jurors will come from among the community that is morning now. if the president says things like this guy is guilty, it will affect the nation's ability to get a fair trial. trace: we are waiting for the president to come out. one of the things that we have been focused on when we talk about gitmo detainee's cuff the difference between civilian trials and the military trials. what can you tell us that is different or interesting, unique them of >> in the gitmo cases there are a number of laws written. in the case of major nidal malik hasan, it will follow the military code of justice. basically, he will get a jury trial that will all be in the military, commissioned officers as well. presided over by a real judge that happens to be an active- duty colonel in the military. the 12 jurors will have to agree unanimously on gilts, and if so, unanimously on the healthy, life in prison or death, or perhaps unanimously upon not guilt of the government cannot prove
america. the foreign desk is covering the globe. the media desk is where all the brand new pictures come into fox news channel. in the top box, you will not believe this. remember the northwest airlines jet that overshot the airport by 150 miles? now we're learning that the airplane was out of contact for three hours, and yet military jets were not notified until just a few minutes before the airplane landed. in the middle box, the man who said there's a war within the white house over what to do about guantanamo bay, and that the president screwed it up. in bottom box, the gop is now in an all-out scramble on capitol hill to stop the house from voting on nancy pelosi's health care reform bill. much more on that right now. alisyn: in the push to pass the most wide-ranging overhaul of health care in more than 40 years, fox is confirming that president obama will be meeting house democrats tomorrow, putting in motion the plan for a rare saturday vote. meanwhile, the gop lawmakers are rallying on capitol hill. these are live pictures. house minority leader john boehner colleen speaker nancy
. this is where the news begins. you recognize tim gaughan and his team covering america for us. the foreign desk is covering the globe and if you sweep over to the media desk, this is where all the brand-new pictures come to us and here on the live desk you will always see the boxes in the right-hand part of the screen. watching senator harry reid's every move and who will pay for hesitate health care bill fapped he has enough to move forward. right now the unemployment vate at 10.2% meaning nearly 16 million americans who want work can't find work. but in part of the population the unemployment rate is 25%. we'll tell you where and why. and in the bottom box not only have the su molly pirates struck again, they struck the same ship again. remember the mayors k alabama and this time the pirates got quite the surprise, martha. major: martha: the u.s. attorney general eric holder testifying today before the senate judiciary committee defending his decision to try them here in new york city. identifying the stated -- that -- >> i know that we are at war with a vicious enemy who targets our soldiers
. that is the national desk. tim gaughan and his team is covering america. the foreign desk is covering the globe. the media task is where all the pictures come into fox news. you will see the pictures on the right-hand side of the screen. juliet: we have brand new information on the other actions happening in virginia and new york. -- elections happening in virginia and new york. trace: in the middle box, breaking news on health care. more information from democrats on when exactly the health care vote will happen. we are talking about the pelosi bill, and it seems that vote could be a few days away. juliet: developing news in the middle east today with news that hamas now has the ability to fire a rocket into tel aviv. trace: the race could not be tighter. president obama won in new jersey by 15 points last year. now incumbent governor jon corzine is in a dead heat with his republican challenger chris christie. there is no mistaking how high the political mistakes are. the president campaigned for course 93 times. former new york mayor rudy giuliani was there as well. is the star power paying o
. this is where the news begins. that is the national desk. tim gaughan is covering america. the foreign desk is covering the globe. the media desk is where all the brand new pictures will come into the fox news room. on the right-hand side, that is where you will see the tonew pictures. in the top box, we are following the shooting death of four police officers in washington state. police believe this is the man that shot them. now they say that he is still on the run and is believed to be near the university of washington campus. in news conference is moment away. in the middle box, health care debate moving onto the senate floor. and if you did not think harry reid had a big enough headache, the cbo has just come out with some new numbers. this time, it is on the cost of your premiums. in the bottom box, a new twist in the tiger woods story. his wife has reportedly changed her story and he is not going to be telling his story to the police. the panel will explore everything. martha: we are continuing on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer of four police officers. now a frantic search is und
, even in the iraqi desert. america's armed forces still burning things giving away from their families. -- celebrating thanksgiving away from their families. dominic is streaming to us from camden victory in baghdad. >> america is the master of demobilizing large numbers of men and women, but mobilizing the kitchen to feed all of them? we will see just how good of a dime they are doing. when you are feeding 115,000 troops for thanksgiving, you need a whole lot of turkey. 4,500 pounds of turkey here are being dished out. >> it is great. >> on this day, commanders take orders from the lower ranks, and they're doing everything they can to make them feel at home as possible. >> we have all the sides. >> this is my third thanksgiving being deployed, in my career. they just did a wonderful job. >> it is a celebration here. less than one year from now, the majority of troops on the ground here will be back home with their families. back to you. kelly: happy thanksgiving to all of those brave young men and women. juliet: as we just said, thousands of them spending the holidays far away from ho
is covering america. the foreign desk covers the globe. immediate task is where all the brand new pictures come in. right here, you will always seem than the pictures on the right- hand side of the screen. in the top box, more controversy over trying those 9/11 terror suspects. now there is a concern, statements made by attorney general eric holder and the president may have tainted the jury pool and could be a boost for defense attorneys. in the middle box, developing news at airports across the country. travelers are scrambling to change their plans after another faa computer glitch caused widespread cancellations. the problem we are told is now fixed, but the delays could last for several hours. in the bottom box, more about the hostage standoff at a t.j. max maxx store. now, the horrifying 911 tapes. >> you and your son ran out the back door? >> yes, we were able to get out. trace: much more on those tapes, and the gunmen, who remain at large. martha: harry reid says it is finally here. the health care solution that generations have been waiting for. the senate majority leader has roll
: for complete election results, though no place else than america's election headquarters right here on fox news. we will also have live coverage all day and all night on the quick change in election developments and what it means for you. for all of your election coverage online, go to juliet: the coast guard calling off the search for survivors in a mid-air collision off the coast of california. a coast guard c-130 collided with a marine cobra helicopter on thursday. nine people in total were on board both aircraft. the coast guard airplane was searching for a missing votboat. the mission is now considered a recovery mission. trace: it will cost at least $800 billion, the house health care reform bill. where's the money going to come from? some of that will come from the form of higher taxes. the question is who gets hit? we will break it down for you, so you can't figure out what it means for your family. and brand new information in the case of six murdered women found inside the home of a convicted rapist. the awful do details on just how long some of the victims were trapped i
gaughan is covering america. over here is the foreign desk. the media desk is where all the brand new pictures come into the fox news channel. in the top box, breaking news in afghanistan. two rockets have hit a crowded marketplace north of kabul, but the rockets were reported the targeting a military meeting but missed. the violence coming as pressure mounted on president obama to make a decision on troop levels. in the middle box, brand new information concerning sarah palin's new book, as well as her sit down with oprah winfrey. carl cameron has seen the show, has read the book, and is now talking about her unpublished political future. in the bottom box, the space shuttle atlantis launch and on "the live desk." we are told the weather is good. 2:28 eastern time. six astronauts will be going up, seven coming back, carrying 16 tons fof equipment for the international space station. martha: it is like a big moving van. first, there are some new developments in the plan to transfer some of the world most dangerous terrorist suspects, here on u.s. soil. the plan is to bring 100 additio
right now america's most famous home. we are awaiting the presentation of the white house christmas tree. the first lady is on hand for the annual tradition. more details coming tup. we're looking at live video right now as they are out there waiting. there is a band playing. it looks like the u.s. marines are waiting in the background to play. this is always a wonderful time. washington is a beautiful place in the christmas season. for true holiday shopping reform. reform! it's about taking away our choices. oh no. has millions of gift choices. toys, electronics, books, jewelry and more. oh sure. easy for you people to spend our money. well actually has discount prices, comparison shopping and free shipping offers. nice. your going to take jobs away from my people during the holidays? sorry santa, you never stopped by my house. you never leave out cookies and milk. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute kelly: this is the "live desk." juliet: we have brand new stories and breaking news this hour, b
what they love for the country that they loved. we wanted them to know, and we want america to know that the united states army, the united states government stands ready to provide them every possible assistance -- not just today, not just through the weekend, but what will undoubtedly be very challenging times ahead. i want to give a special thanks and word of admiration to the first responders, those who came when the word went out within minutes of the shots being fired in the center, and those soldiers who utilize their battlefield live-saving training in the building as the situation was still unfolding to save lives, and we were told that those actions did indeed save lives. and thanks to the medical personnel and professionals add darnell, those who work at scott white and metroplex and others who have done just an incredible job pitching in and helping the fort hood community respond to those challenges as well. i want to say thank-you to the president of the united states, the vice president, secretary of defense, all of whom have been personally involved with this situati
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